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Almost Died On 71
Glad you are ok too Takedown ( post 17 ).
As for the other guy driving without headlights,sadly common sense isn't common anymore.
[Image: GqYXhGd.gif?1]
2 yrs ago in Valentine's day I was taking my daughter and her friend to Perfect North to go tubing. I drive a small pick up and the back end came loose in the snow. The truck tried to spin, but I counter steered 3 times back and forth as we crossed 3 lanes in front of 2 semis before I finally got it back under control. My heart was pounding and I was shaking from the adrenaline. My daughter's friend pipes up and says "That was cool, can you do it again?" She had no idea how close we had all come. I still tease her about that occasionally.
Happy your ok Cape.

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