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Antonio Brown officially kills his career
Admit it now.. How many of you wanted the bengals to sign the guy when he left the squeelers?  Just close your eyes and think back to those dark moments of imagination..  Ninja
Personally I have loftier ambitions.. 
My key to long life: Get old or die! There are no further options available at this time.

Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse, but the one comfort we have is Cincinnati sounds worse. ~Oliver Wendal Holmes Sr.

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WhoDey2 I don't know if its funny or sad. This college educated man obviously can't put a noun, verb and a period together to make a sentence...
The only thing I hate worse than Pittsburgh football... Pittsburgh fans!!

SLIM--gone, but never forgotten...

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Favorite tweet comment ...

"I think Mike Tomlin deserves to be in the Hall of Fame to have dealt with him for 9 years. His mouth in front of children. He has no place in the NFL regardless of his talent. The way he spoke about the Mother of his children..."
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