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Are ya ready?
(02-05-2018, 12:27 PM)grampahol Wrote: Now we'll have the privilege of hearing and reading about how the Squeelers were robbed by the James call while Philly got away with it..
Knock me over with a feather! Oh those poor poor Squeeler fans now have to face the fact that life just isn't fair and the league wasn't going to just hand them yet another Lombardi trophy . 
Raise your hand if you feel their pain.. lol
Now they get to join the ranks of conspiracy theory-land.. As if they were never there to begin with. 

That is probably all it would take. Hilarious
That rule bit us in the butt twice in 2015.

In the first game against the ravens, Eifert caught the pass, took two steps, turned and extended over the goal line. He lost the ball when he hit the ground. The refs said he had not made a football move so he was still a receiver and he did not control the catch all the was to the ground.

In the playoff game, Gio caught the swing pass, took 2 steps and turned, Shazier hit hit in the helmet and he got ko'd and fumbled. The refs said he had made a football move, so was therefore a runner, not a defenseless receiver.

My biggest problem is the inconsistency. The rule makes it too hard for the refs, and too subjective. Everyone knows what constitutes a catch...if it passes the eyeball test as a catch, it should be a catch. Forget all this slow motion replay, did the ball move at all when he hit the ground bs.

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