Poll: What's Your Bye Week Plans
cheer on whoever plays the AFC North
spend quality time with the family
complete my "Honey Dos"
it's Sunday I will still watch every NFL game
finally make it to church
all of the above
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so whats everyone doing with no Bengals game this weekend.....

living in Cincinnati sports purgatory for too many years.........

I am football junkie so I will be watching football, what ever games are on in my area.
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Probably watch the Pitt/KC game at 4. Around that, work a to do list, and spend time with family.
Still playing fantasy this week, so still watching games.
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Stream Redzone and study for a ***** of a week of classes
(10-10-2017, 06:39 PM)eoxyod Wrote: Stream Redzone and study for a ***** of a week of classes

What classes are you taking?
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(10-10-2017, 05:29 PM)Goalpost Wrote: Probably watch the Pitt/KC game at 4.  Around that, work a to do list, and spend time with family.


I'm hosting a Strongman Show on Saturday, and have been trying to complete a Fall cleanup around the property, and between Strongman and Football season, the wife has been complaining about spending enough quality time together.
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Im spending quality time with the family. As long as they dont mind me drinking and watching every NFL game!!!
Planning on some quality pissing and moaning time..
I'll probably spend most of the time in my shop making stuff.. Currently working on a new laminated bench top..27 pieces and lots of dowels and glue.. And hoping my plane irons don't suddenly decide to go dull for no apparent reason.. 
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I voted "spend quality time with my family", but only because the real answer wasn't an option:

I chose ATA. However, honey Do list pretty extensive and doubt I will catch much football.
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(10-10-2017, 07:02 PM)treee Wrote: What classes are you taking?

Anat + Physiology and Physics are the 2 that are the worst haha
Laying a tile floor in my kitchen. Perhaps I can get Sunset to help.
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Whatever I can to take my mind off this stem cell treatment.

I'll try and make it to Church.

For some reason, the government decided to cancel my SSI and didn't bother to tell us why or that they were even doing it, so I need to go into the office tomorrow and try to get it straightened out because I'm broke. If that happens, I might go to the casino in downtown Cincinnati (JACK) to play in a poker tournament on Sunday morning. I'm also supposed to be getting a decent size check for a few public "speaking" gigs, so I might be able to go play with that.

Might just watch games and place a few bets. Maybe go down to Wings and Rings to watch some.

Root for the Steelers to lose.
(10-10-2017, 04:54 PM)corpjet Wrote: so whats everyone doing with no Bengals game this weekend.....

none of the above.......big blue madness is all i got this friday. god bless kentucky.
Spend time with family and try to catch some football.
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I'll be doing the same thing i've been doing the last 6 months..... Sitting in the Gulf with no AFN signal, and no football at all.
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Golfing my ass off!!!!
I'm moving into my new apartment this weekend, so I might have the RedZone channel on why I continue to unpack, but knowing my lazy ass, I'll more likely play some video games until the late games start and then start watching the highlights of the 1 pm games.

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