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Bad news - Doofus Goodell is back
Unfortunately this moron is re-signed for 5 years.
[Image: 1gsFTgx.png]
(12-06-2017, 10:05 PM)Trademark Wrote: Unfortunately this moron is re-signed for 5 years.

Because Rooney wanted him back.
Perfect time for the NFL to shed some positive light on their sport in lieu of the Zeke Situation, other domestic abuse cases, the national anthem debate and declining ratings, instead the NFL brought back the lame duck ala our beloved Bengals.......
"We have been sentenced to life in the prison that is a Bengals fan and we are going to serve out our time"
(12-06-2017, 10:12 PM)Derrick Wrote: Because Rooney wanted him back.

Are he and Rooney close? I thought Goodell and Kraft were good buddies until the deflategate fiasco...
Oh well the NFL will be locked out again very soon most of the players can’t stand Goodell
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Not surprising. He's been good for business. The real issue will come up in 2020 when the CBA needs to be negotiated.
Some players will grumble and feign contempt, but once their million dollar plus paychecks come rolling in they'll accept him with open arms.. That pile of cash solves complaints faster than any known medication..
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Jerry Jones isn't the only one that doesn't like this guy, and I seldom agree with him, but in this case I do. This arrogant S.O.B. is going to cause the NFL a lot of problems this time around,imo. Totally inconsistent disciplinary decisions, no real stance on the social issues: one week it's he's glad the players are expressing themselves, the next they shouldn't do it. Rules of the game haven't gotten more consistent, (like whatever the hell a catch is); if anything the issues are even more cloudy. Has established himself as a Czar over the entire league, and I truly believe getting an agreement with the players this time around will be all but impossible. And, of course; the guy is getting paid 40 million/year to be a jackass, far exceeding the pay of his comparable colleagues in the other sports. I really foresee a lot of problems down the road.

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