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Barnhart earns his 2nd Gold Glove

Good for him. Wish he could be more consistent at the plate but that's pretty outstanding to be only the third Reds catcher to win more than one.

C and SS have historically been the two positions you can accept the not so great O for the outstanding D. And CF to a degree.

Normally the rest of the bunch can make up for the defensive players. But as you know that hasn't been happening, the entire team is batting .200

I hope they can somehow fix the offense for this coming season.
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
Like a lot of Reds players Barnhart underperformed at the plate this year.

He was a career .250 hitter, but just hit .204 this year.

Reds have more talent than they showed this season. Multiple players had big drops from their offensive production in 2019.
"There are no rules for great souls; rules are only for people who have merely the talent that can be acquired."
-Eugene Delacroix


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