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Bizarre Trivia
Only 7 players in college football history had a game with 200 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving.

3 of them played in the NFL last year.

Christian McCaffrey would have been the only one I got. he had 207 rushing and 105 receiving against USC in '15.

Since this is in the Bengals forum some of you might have guessed that Joe Mixon was another.  He had 263 rushing and 114 receiving against Texas Tech in '16.

But I bet none of you would have got the third.  Richie James had a great season as a WR for Middle Tennessee State in '16 (105 rec 1625 receiving yards), but in his 28 college games he only rushed for a total of 554 yards and 5 tds.  But on Nov 26, 2016 the 5'9", 185 lbs James filled in at RB against Florida Atlantic.  He carried the ball 22 times for 207 yards and 3 tds.  He also caught 4 passes for 120 yards and another td.  

So far in two NFL seasons James only has 15 receptions, but two of them have been 50+ yards tds, and last year he  had 53 punt and kickoff returns for the Forty-Niners.

I came in here hoping to try and guess at something without you giving names. Ruined my day. Thanks Fred. Although I will say, it's not the first time an attorney has let me down. LOL
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]

[Image: Z3ktOj_BCTIup6sKvs388ZqDXArm-9-JXXUHyWcR..._AMGvCxwBb]
I was going to guess Rodney Anderson as I know he had a few crazy games in 2017. He did have a game against TCU where he had 150 yards rushing and 120 yards receiving....close but no cigar.

He also had a 200 yard rushing game against Georgia but no receptions.

I will say this for Anderson, he seems to have his biggest games against the best competition. Sure hope he finds a way to be healthy.
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
I remember when MTSU was coached by Boots Donnely
In the old Ohio Valley Conference
They were the among the best teams in the 80s.
But the OVC wasn't exactly a football factory for the NFL.. I was able to walk on at Austin Peay. But after that decided I had enough
Of football. Richie James reminds me of a smallish version
Of Rick Upchurch
These seem more like facts than trivia.

(07-01-2020, 02:45 PM)Wes Mantooth Wrote: These seem more like facts than trivia.

Isn't that what trivia is?
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
Just heard today that Larry Fitzgerald has more tackles than drops over his career.
(07-01-2020, 02:45 PM)Wes Mantooth Wrote: These seem more like facts than trivia.

Why do you have to make everything about politics?

Take that stuff to P&R.  I don't want this thread getting locked.


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