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Bored before a Friday Night Football game Mock
Hey guys. Coming through with another mock here. I'm going to assume with this one that we'll be picking somewhere in the vicinity of 5-10, so this assumes we miss out on Sewell and the QB's go top five.

1. Pick 1 is a choose your own adventure. I've got two options here and both would make sense.

1A. Jamarr Chase - WR - LSU. Burrow's familiar with this pick, considering that he was throwing to Chase last year. There would be a natural chemistry and would allow us to trot our Boyd, Higgins, and Chase when we're in 11 personnel.


1B. Patrick Surtain II - CB - Alabama. Another player that Burrow is familiar with, though in a totally different way. Surtain is one of the top, if not the top, CB in this year's draft. I realize there's a bit of a stigma with Bama defenders, but I believe he's more Marlon Humphreys than Dre Kirkpatrick.

2. Rashawn Slater - OT/OG - Northwestern. A mauler who's got plenty of reps during his career at Northwestern. He can play tackle or guard, but is very physical and does a good job in pass protection. There's some fear of length issues with his arms, but he's well rounded and is at his best on the attack. Comes from an athletic bloodline.

3. Jalen Mayfield - OT - Michigan. Another Big 10 offensive lineman here. Great in run blocking and super athletic. Has great feet and with continued growth his pass blocking will be just as good as his run blocking. This is a pair of picks to build up the offensive line since there seems to be little heading to free agency.

4. Shaka Toney - DE - Penn State. Sticking in the Big 10. Toney is awesome in the pass rushing game and in space. There is some hesitance when playing against stronger defenders, but that's a skill that can be unlocked as he grows. The big compliment to Toney is that he's consistent and he's a physical marvel. As he grows as a run defender, his stock will rise.

5. Brant Kuithe - TE - Utah. Kuithe isn't much of a blocker at the TE position, but athletically he's a tremendous player who can makes catches in the open field. If Sample is your blocker, Kuithe can be a dynamic receiver at the position who's a mismatch for linebackers and even some safeties.

6. James Wiggins - S - Cincinnati. This one might be my homer pick for the year, but Wiggins plays safety for the Bearcats and is usually everywhere on the field. He's a tremendous slot defender and would translate very well on special teams early on with the chance to grow into something later on. He's a physical freak and a leader.

7. Robert Cooper - DT - Florida State. Cooper is a high motor interior defender who struggles with a lack of length. With a seventh round pick you're looking for depth and guys who will go hard and continue to try and improve. Cooper fits that to a T. Not much of a pass rusher, but in run defense he does well.

Hope you all enjoy my first shot here at a draft. I'm sure things will change, especially with a possible dip into free agency, but I would be happy with this.
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Isnt it crazy that all 5 of Michigan's 2019 offensive line will be drafted.
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