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Browns Scouting Report
Watched the Ravens/Browns game and rewatched the tape (only once) and here's what I've got on the Browns...

-Their running game is very good. The Oline was better than I thought it would be controlling the LOS and Chubb & Hunt are the real deal

-Baker looks lost. Ravens didn't do anything too complex but he was struggling to the point where he's seeing ghosts. He was easily moved off his spot, didn't step up in the pocket and was quick to bail on plays and go into freestyle mode. Very indecisive.

-OBJ is a powder keg. Love players who play with emotion. But he can't control his and when things go wrong, his energy is a negative. Landry is their best WR.

-Defensive is hard to read. Larry O is a beast vs the run. Their secondary was terrible. Stay away from Denzel Ward and there are plus matchups to be had. Cincy will struggle at times with this pass rush. My gameplan would be to stay balanced and patient. Use screens and outside runs to force Cleveland to chase and tackle. Burrow's poise should be helpful but just avoid negative plays and you can score on them. The Ravens were lights out on offense so week 1 may not be the best game to judge them. Cleveland has talented pieces but overall they are average.

-Please stop saying Cleveland has so much talent. They are top heavy. And like I said before, all icing no cake. They looked unprepared
Hayseed has just regressed so much from the fluke rookie year he had; you could see it in college, big arm, big personality, but not the QBing-type.

They're posting on Twitter today, that he has more commercials than wins in the NFL (which I think is true LOL).

The line is ok, but if Wills doesn't go, there's a hole on the left side. Conklin looked hobbly (I know that's not a word) for most of the game and I think the massive holes they were getting at time was more to do with scheme and the Ravens less-than stellar run-defense LBs (Queen was ok, Fort had a good game), than the oline doing a great job on blocks and execution.

On D, they looked terrible on the whole, but they were playing the Ravens with a fairly-intact team from the previous year; they will light up many teams this year. Garrett looked good. Landry is indeed their best WR and with Njoku out, that's another weapon down.

It will be interesting to see how things shake down on Thursday!

EDIT* That was also the worst fake punt I've seen in a LONG time; I said to my wife, "watch, they're going to fake it here," and it blew up in their faces, spectacularly LOL

Stefanski didn't have a great game.
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
[Image: Truck_1_0_1_.png]
The fake punt was hilarious. If you watch the replay, you can see and hear 41, Levine, call it out and they ran it anyway. Can't believe they didn't burn a timeout when that happened. The Scottish Hammer was not much of an actor. He didn't go through the normal warmup air kicks or anything. Looked like he was just swaying back and forth like a boxer pre match.

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