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CB Brian Poole to visit
(03-14-2019, 01:19 PM)McC Wrote: And Dennard does seem to be hurt for some part of every year.  Honestly, I saw better ball skills out of Darius Phillips in small samples last year than I ever saw out of Dennard.

It's interesting... I thought the exact same thing, but then I looked it up and he didn't miss near as much time as I thought he did. I think Dennard's just one of those guys that's always on the injury list but generally finds a way to play. Last 3 seasons he played in 13, 16, and 15 games... I would have lost a bet on that.

Lack of any word about him is a positive for the Bengals in my book. There have been times in the past (Andre Smith, I think?) where they let guys test the market only to find that they don't have the interest they expect before coming back to town.

If he's the reports about him wanting to get out of the slot, offer him a short term contract and tell him he'll at least have the opportunity to go out there and beat Dre. Kind of a one year "put up or shut up" kind of deal, maybe.

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