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CJD's Post-NCG Mock Draft
I call this draft the "fix the offense in one off season" mock draft.

[Image: bsPobHE.png]

Round 1:
Joe Burrow is obvious. No need to even talk about him. He's the pick and he should be. Chase Young is a great player, but he won't transform this team for the next decade that Joe can.

Round 2:
I was honestly surprised to see Jefferson in the 2nd, which is why I pounced. His stock was undeniably padded by having Joe Burrow as his QB, so why stop now? The man is the king of the jump ball and he runs a pretty route as well, especially over the middle where he can hang on to the ball (see the play where the Clemson player was ejected for targetting)

Round 3:
I was looking at either LB or OT here, as they both likely need a new starter. However, the LBs just weren't there. I decided to go with Trey Adams because he's a big OT that has played LT for most of his career. I think he transitions over to RT in the NFL, but having a body that big with the athleticism that he has is not common.

Round 4:
Again, was not impressed with the LBs available, so I went with another stabilizing presence on the Oline. Bredeson could plug into RG and likely improve the position, further ensuring that Burrow is protected.

Round 5, 6 and 7:
Finish the draft by filling roster spots on defense. I don't expect these guys to be starters or even defensive contributors in their first year, but could get there over time. This draft was all about the first 4 rounds.
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