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Calling all guitar players, what is your axe of choice?
I always thought guitar was interesting, until I realized it took more time than I wanted to dedicate to become proficient at it. I did, however spend a few months plucking on a bass, when I had a guitarist and drummer as roommates. That was a fun Summer.

However, my specialty is playing the air Sunset. "When in doubt I, whip it out. I got me a rock and roll band, it's a free for all!".
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(03-14-2019, 08:19 PM)BengalsRocker Wrote: You should've seen the metal flight case for that double neck.

I actually thought about putting wheels on that damn thing it was so heavy/bulky. LOL

Drop A?  At what point does the low tuning stop?!?  B & C used to be all of the rage for a long time.

Is it a baritone, and what gauge strings do you use on that thing? 

Lol, it is a stupid low tuning.  The amount of slop in the low A takes some getting used to.  Funny thing is, the verses of the song I dropped it down there to play are all clean tones.  European metal...what are you going to do?

Yeah, it's a baritone with .11's on it.
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