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Checking accounts
I've had several checking accounts over the years with several banks. All but one always seemed to find a way to skin me of my hard earned bucks..
When I was in Columbus a few years back living in a homeless shelter after leaving Texas I received a small windfall from the state of Texas in the form of a refund from filing for workers compensation.. Anyway, I needed to open a checking account just to access the funds. A few banks refused to even talk to me since the amount was only about $350 and most wanted me to deposit much more to avoid high fees. There was one exception, USBank on the corner of High Street and Broad Street in downtown Columbus. I opened the checking account and since I'm also a veteran I've never been charged an ATM fee anywhere, not even other banks ATM's. Actually that's not true. I do get charged to use other banks ATM's, but USBank always refunds those fees back to my account making them all free. In fact, I've never had to pay any fees to USBank despite my low balances and they make it really easy to transfer funds from checking to savings and so forth, back and forth..
So here's my suggestion. If you're a veteran head to your nearest USBank and talk to the teller or whoever is in charge of opening new accounts and make sure to take your veteran status papers with you if you have them...DD214 works so there are no hidden fees taken out of your accounts..
This is just my 2 pennies worth. I've had both a savings and checking account(s) with USBank for about 9, maybe 10 years and have never had to pay the first nickle in fees for any transaction. I had an account with BOA for a short time, but they wanted to charge no less than $50 per month just to have an open account. It's a no-brainer for me. USBank wins hands down every time with just ordinary checking and savings accounts.. And by the way, even if you live in an area with no USBanks in your area you can still open an account online with them..
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The underbanked is a real issue in the U.S. Because of the minimum deposit or monthly contribution requirements it makes it hard for people who live pay check to pay check to open and have access to banking.

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