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Code of Conduct
The Bengals Board - Code Of Conduct

The goal of 'The Bengals Board'  has always been - and will always be - to provide the most enjoyable user experience possible for the members of our community. That means doing our best to ensure quality discussions, a wide variety of topics, easy to use features, security and reliability...and most of all, a friendly, respectful atmosphere.

In order to maintain a welcoming environment that everyone can enjoy participating in, it takes the commitment and efforts of each member in making sure that respect and civility are important aspects of their conduct and interactions on the board.

While the very nature of any fan community - or certain topics on any forum - can be contentious at times and lead to varying opinions, arguments and disagreements...we still have to do our best to eliminate things such as personal attacks and disruptive behaviors that only create additional problems and lead to the undermining of actual conversations.

With that in mind, the following is a list of actions that will automatically result in a member being permanently banned from the board:
  • Posting images, videos or links that contain nudity and/or sexual acts.
  • Sharing or linking to content that contains illegal materials or practices. 
  • Posting links to sites that contain malware, spyware, phishing, viruses, etc.
In addition. these actions can lead to a suspension, and depending on severity and frequency, can result in a permanent ban:
  • Creating any account(s) other than your original one.
  • Publicly calling out staff members or moderation / disciplinary actions.
  • Attempting to bypass the language filter by adding letters, spaces or characters.
  • Spamming with unapproved advertising, commercial solicitation or link repetition.
  • Trolling with posts / threads that are purposely intended to provoke reactions and instigate arguments.
  • Starting a thread in order to call out, make fun of or start a fight with another member of the board.
  • Bumping an old thread(s) for the specific purpose of demonstrating that a member/opinion was wrong, or purposely bumping multiple 'dead threads' (30 or more days without a post).
  • Purposely and/or repeatedly posting off-topic messages or content that impedes, derails or hijacks a thread.
  • Any use of hateful language containing slurs or bigotry towards race, gender or sexual preference.
  • Messages of any kind that are intended to insult, belittle, harass, embarrass or threaten another member.
Dealing with issues / problems concerning members, posts or threads:
  • If you think a member is in violation of the CoC, or you have an issue or problem with another member that you can't resolve yourself or that you need assistance with, you can contact a staff member and request their help. You also have the option to place a member on your 'Ignore' list if you would no longer like to see their posts.
  • If you see a post or thread that you feel violates the CoC, you can easily notify the staff by using the 'Report' button on the post / thread. We review all reports and make determinations on each.
Board Moderation
  • The staff does it's very best to keep the board as streamline and clutter free as possible. In doing so, similar or repetitive topics may be merged into one thread. Also, threads made in the wrong forum or subforum will be moved to the correct one.
  • The staff will also edit or delete any posts or threads that it deems in violation of the CoC, and will lock any thread that has veered too far off topic or has been derailed by bickering.
  • When it comes to disciplinary actions, the staff always strives to be as fair as possible in evaluating and making a determination with each instance and member. A number of factors are involved including: severity, frequency, warnings and history. 
  • *If a member disagrees with a previous disciplinary action or wants further clarification, they can message any Admin via PM. If the member is currently under a suspension or ban, they can contact me via email or by using 'Contact Us' located at the bottom left of the board.
  • *If you have any suggestions or general feedback on the moderation of the board, feel free to contact any staff member.
  • *If you have an issue with an individual staff member that you want to discuss, you can contact me directly via PM or email.

Administration email:   or

***As a registered member of The Bengals Board, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Code of Conduct. You also agree to follow these rules and are aware of the consequences for violating them.

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