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Eifert Update
(10-13-2017, 11:16 AM)ochocincos Wrote: Sean Porter?

Teams of Me and My Family
Reds  (Born/raised in Dayton from 1953-1981)
Bengals (Switched from Browns fan in 1968)
Eagles (My wife and son's team)
Buckeyes (Ohio affiliation)
Dayton Flyers (Dayton affiliation)
Gators (My son's alma mater)
(10-13-2017, 06:52 PM)bengalguy71 Wrote: Yes

Potentially great player, but has to be considered a bust as he simply cannot stay on the field. If they try to re-sign him after the season, that HAS to be a major consideration. Sign him for a song, then actually pay him when he stays healthy.
Feel really bad for the guy. Objectively, I would still want to try to sign him at a reduced rate and use him almost exclusively as a receiver. If I can extend his career by not having him play in-line TE, so be it.

This all depends on the type of surgery (I know it is his it a disc? Vertebrae? Lots of different potential issues here.) and how the surgery goes...

It might be best for the guy to just take the money and retire. I wish him well and hope the fans keep their assbagness to a minimum. It isn't his fault and he had nothing to do with the likes of Perry, Pollack, Ross, etc.

Round 1..Pick Number 17.. David Pollack
Round 2..Pick Number 48..Odell Thurman

Geez.. still hurts

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