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Excitement after a loss?
(09-08-2019, 11:40 PM)Bengalfan4life27c Wrote: I'm not sold on Ravens. Let me see them do that too a non-Dolphin team first

You'll be waiting a bit longer... they've got AZ next Sunday.

Then it gets tough for them.
The image that came to my mind was 300 the movie, as silly as that seems.

Literally, you would of thought that the Seahawks were the Persians who if they merely showed up to the field against our measly "300" they were assured victory.

A team with 4 linebackers and this thin at offensive line how could they possibly be competitive?

A defense that was historically bad, throwing out the exact same defensive starters, with the only major difference being coach Lou?

I mean did we even field a defense against Kansas City last year?

How could anyone possibly think this was gonna work?

Seattle was undefeated at home in September! The odds and odds makers knew everything was staked against us.

At halftime Boomer, Simms and everyone was shocked and rightfully so.

After all this team has had 3 consecutive losing years and looked progressively worse in some areas almost every year.

But in all of that they forgot that the game still had to be played and our Bengals came ready.

Think about this. Andy Dalton had arguably his most prolific game ever, but this offense wasn't even at 100%.

We were without Glenn and AJ Green. As hard as it may be to believe our offense is poised to only get better.

With AJ Green active this very well could have been a 500 plus yard game for Dalton.

John Ross with an offensive minded head coach looked like a 1st round talent.

Dalton threw it 51 times, which puts him on pace for 817 passes this year (Although it's way to soon to be doing projections, but that would be an NFL record).

I'm proud of this team!

But they can't relent, they have to be continually getting better or this excitment and good showing was all for not.
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The Bengals didn’t get blown out against a good team and in a hostile environment. It’s good to get the first game out of the way and there were plenty of positives to build on. Having said that, it’s still disappointing to not be able to pull out games that could go either way at the end. There are only 16 games and coming out on top in the close ones usually determines if you make the playoffs or not. The team looked much better than I thought they would. They need to get the first win of the season as early as possible!
They showed a lot of heart today. I think if we can bring that kind of intensity to every game we will have a good season. On to San Francisco.
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