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Fan Feedback
Realizing that this board is in it's infancy (and that I know nothing about how to run one), I thought we could use a place to suggest ideas for future features. There are a lot of great similarities between our old board and this new one, as well as some major improvements (Did I say thank you for setting this up?) There are, however, a few things I wouldn't mind seeing in the future:
A raised eyebrow smiley like the old :what:. It was a personal favorite of mine when someone posted something crazy.
Rep links to posts instead of the thread. I am too lazy to scour a thread, and too absent-minded to remember what I said that someone liked. Tongue
Maybe a black background on the header instead of white?

Like I said, great job! The fact that I can only make up three things to complain about shows what an impressive feat this was. ThumbsUp

Ooh, came up with another one! Can we align the "Latest post" to the right so they aren't all over the place with different username lengths?

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