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Forget World Series. How Do Reds go 81-81 in 2018 ?
Watching the World Series in November was awful.....Lets forget October and November.....What do Reds have to do to bring some good baseball to fans in Spring and Summer. Forget the play-offs. 32 teams and only 1 can win it all, often in history the Yankees. The Indians haven't won since World War II. Forget the World Series.....How does Cincinnati put a team on the field in Spring and Summer that doesn't suck, and fans go home having watched a good ball game.

They have a nice stadium. They have the Reds Hall of Fame. Sadly they didn't come up wit the Milwaukee open and close roof idea, but under Castallini he has made it a nicer park and brought back Hall Of Fame that Marge and Lindner stopped. Castallini is great compared to them and Mike Brown. So the park and Hall if Fame are great for Fans.....They do have good young pitching. The new guy needs some minor leagues first. I'll accept Votto isn't going anywhere. I think they pay him too much and should trade him, but it ain't happening. So you got Votto and what else. I would keep Hamilton in center. If these young pitchers come along, and they play good defense, with clutch hitting they could play .500 ball maybe. Win enough games to make fans and TV networks happy. Maybe make a profit every year and be a money successful team. Fun For Fan, Money In Bank, F The World Series.....I could live with that. ....What I can't live with is last place all year, every year.

So, How Do Reds go from last place to around a .500 ball team that brings joy to fans in Spring and Summer and lets forget who is playing on Halloween Night ? Fireworks Nights are good. Teen Nights. Seniors Days. Business Man Specials. Family Discount Days. Maybe a Veterans Discount all Memorial Day Weekend or 4th of July. Have vendors items all over the park at a profit but at a price that fans can live with. Look I watched great games that had Vada Pinson. Pete Rose, Roberto Clemente, Bob Gibson. Hank Aaron and loved those Reds games way before Reds went to World Series. So, how do you have fans walking away happy again in Spring and Summer and the heck with November baseball ? How do you put a team on the field good enough to maybe not finish first but not in last either. A team fans can come out and enjoy a Spring or Summer day at the old ball park. Don't tell me how to get to Halloween. Lets move the target. Tell me how Reds have fans walking away happy in May, June or July. How do we get close to .500 ball and out of last place and make Spring and Summer Fans ENJOY BASEBALL. I think that is a bulls eye target they could hit. I know I got excited around 2010 over the starting pitching. We had veterans, young guys and fir a rare time in Reds history we actually had 5 good starters worth watching every game. Could this team come up with 5 decent starters. I did NOT say great starters. I said 5 decent starters. 5 good starters to keep Reds in game in the first 6 innings. You can sell a lot of popcorn and peanuts in 6 innings of 81 games is what, 486 innings of popcorn and peanut sales while starters keep Reds in the game. Around 972 innings of TV commercials as fans aren't turning off the TV because starters have Reds in the game. Forget the World Series target. This is a target Reds could hit and it would be much better than what Reds have done lately.
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Stop keeping pitchers like Bailey over pitchers like Cueto.
(11-10-2017, 12:37 PM)rezolve11 Wrote: Stop keeping pitchers like Bailey over pitchers like Cueto.
I agree that we just added top picks in pitching to minors who will work their way up.  We also have young pitchers in minors probably ready for majors this Spring. We also have young pitchers on the Reds not long out of minors.   All this youth Reds traded for and drafted does them no good if they just trade this youth away because some old veterans are in the way as team is stuck in last place.  We gave up Cueto, Chapman, Bruce, Phillips, and many others to get all this youth, and so it would really be stupid to trade this youth away.  ...I think FANS want to see these young bloods come to The Bigs and turn the Reds around. Pete Rose even talks about not rebuilding but reloading.  So I think getting Fans In The Stands has a lot to do with coaches in the Minors getting this youth developed and up to The Reds where Fans including Pete are waiting to see them.  Small market Cincy is not like Yankees or a Walt Disney Angels that paid to get Albert Pujols from Cardinals a few years ago. No, Reds pretty much need to be about Farm System. Free Agents kind of have to be guys on the cheap, but you can still get talent. ...So I agree on not trading away the good youth, especially the ones still so young they haven't reached the years of free agency mega bucks.

I agree that if some of the youth catches fire, it makes 81 and 81 season much more possible, and Reds climb out of last place and FANS have a better Spring and Summer of REDS.
1968 Bengal Fan
The thing with young players is you really never know when and if they're going to catch fire. They have players who all have potential. Not everyone has a lousy season that's followed by ten more lousy seasons anymore than a player who catches fire will always stay that way. 
They've got some young arms in the minor leagues so if they can match their peek years with the hitters peek years it's anyones guess how good they can be.  
Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse, but the one comfort we have is Cincinnati sounds worse. ~Oliver Wendal Holmes Sr.

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the long and short of it is simple. the reds don't and they continue sucking. they're a long way off from actually competing again. history is short....the sun is but a shining star.

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