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Go Michigan!
I am not an OSU fan and root for Michigan. I can't wait for the college football season to start. OSU plays Michigan in the Big House this year. Go Blue!
Bengals are out of this world!  WhoDey2 
Oh, this should be good Popcorn
[Image: sfhZom.png]

Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana.

On a lonely planet spinning its way toward damnation amid the fear and despair of a broken human race, who is left to fight for all that is good and pure and gets you smashed for under a fiver?
Michigan fan, eh? Get ready for another year of wasted dreams, and countless sorrows, all brought to you by Urban Meyer and Co. Cool
I know OSU is favored over Michigan this year. But, you never know with Harbough at the helm what can happen.
Bengals are out of this world!  WhoDey2 
I didn't even know Meatchicken and the bucknuts were even going to play football this year.   I can see flag football, but not tackle.   

Everyone knows the Hawkeyes are going to win the Big Ten this year. 
You said it man. Nobody f***s with the Jesus.
Can't wait for the buckeyes to actually have a passing offense this year!!
Has Harbaugh driven everybody nuts up there yet.

He seems to have a short shelf life.


Ohio State Buckeyes 31

Michigan Girly Men   17      Final

Harbaugh throws a fit and blames someone for the loss. Lather,Rinse, Repeat.

How many batteries does it take to beat Michigan?

1aa........ GO App State!

I'd love to get to the Ohio-State/Michigan game some day.

Growing up a die-hard Ohio State fan, that was my dream game.

I tried looking but couldn't find prices for crippled seats online or if there's even any available. I'd probably prefer to wait until it's in Columbus anyways.
Saw on Sportcenter that Michigan is favored over Florida. Vegas must like Michigan this year.
Bengals are out of this world!  WhoDey2 

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