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Go get Matt Moore, Please
Ryan Finley was absolutely horrendous in his starts last last year. I just don't see how an NFL team could justify going into the season with a rookie QB and have Ryan Finley as the next man in. Unless they seen something in that UDFA they kept on the roster last year then you absolutely need to pick someone up to atleast give your team a chance. Matt Moore has a career QBR of 83. Just remember every Finley pass last year as a weak throw of like 5 yards that was nearly intercepted every time. Its not like its costing the team any money to get him.
WhoDey2 Who knows? Maybe Jake Dolegala saw that miserable 3 game performance and decided to work his ass off during the off/covid-19 season and is determined to come in as a serious #2...
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Yep, if it is me, I bring in Moore at the very least as competition. Finley would then be cut and you would have Moore
and Dolegala backing up Burrow. Much more ideal than noodle arm.

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