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Great That Bengals into Mini Camps of 2019
The New Coaches got the New Rookies out onto the practice field. Jonah Williams at Left Tackle for now in rookie mini camp, and the talk is he is huge and he is pretty good and maybe the Left Tackle of The Future. Once Vets come in he may be more at Right Tackle, but good enough to play Left Tackle down the road.

So they are probably already printing the summer magazines on preseason predictions. Fans will see Ravens, Steelers, Browns picked to be tough in AFC North and Bengals dead last. Some Fans will then feel as if the season has already been played. The game is not played on paper or on computer, it is played on the field. In Fantasy Football nobody will be excited over blockers and tacklers Bengals added. So Bengals will be overlooked in preseason picks.

However, if the Bengals for the first time since 2015 can have good blocking, Dalton, AJ Green, Boyd, Mixon and others become deadly weapons on offense. We all know the problem has been blocking. Our defense was amazing in 2016 and 2017 keeping scores close considering how much time the D was on the field due to no blocking on offense. In 2018 the D collapsed as most D's would with no offense. So improved Blocking means more offense which will help the defense with better field position and less time on the field.

So it's good to hear about the New Coaches on the practice field with the New Players. Something besides the hype or negativity of what so called experts think. They have been on the practice field doing what is needed, and that is working on improving the blocking and tackling on this team. Maybe other teams had the trenches but needed to draft QB, WR, RB. The Bengals needed to draft in the trenches. The Bengals were awful in the trenches. Awful in O Line. Awful in D front 7. Bengals are hard at work to change that and if they do you can throw away the preseason picks that will have Bengals in last. With blocking the Bengals become a pretty good team.


PS : I've seen this before as Vince Lombardi Hall Of Fame Blocker Forrest Gregg took over Bengals and saw the problem was they were too weak in the trenches. Gregg rebuilt the trenches, put a focus on the trenches, and it paid off in 2 Super Bowls that decade powered by an O Line 100 % better than it had been before Gregg. Without those trenches, Anderson isn't MVP, Ickey doesn't get in end zone to do the shuffle, no time to get ball deep to Collinsworth, those Super Bowls never happen. So I'm glad Bengals are addressing the real problem of weak in the trenches and improving that weak area is the main focus.
1968 Bengal Fan

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