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*** JN POST HOF ***
Wyche on Andy's stats improving during the season...

(11-21-2017, 10:37 AM)Wyche Wrote: He's being elevated by the great pass blocking, Brandon Lafell, Joe Mixon's 1.2 YPC, Boyd/Core/Malone/whoever else the **** they decide on this week, the defense's stellar ability to get off the field on 3rd down lately, Kroft/Uzomah/Carter, and fat Randy and the rest of the excellent special teams play we've seen this season. Ninja 

How can you not see this?

[Image: VVJyiII.gif]
Quote:BengalsRocker Wrote:

I hear the Steelers comin', they're rollin' round the bend.

And I ain't seen a playoff win since I don't know when.
[Image: th?id=OIP.CmfNHOIThANnqG0xbQk_eQEsDF&pid...=229&h=152]

Quote:HarleyDog Wrote:

We're stuck in Cincinnati, and time keeps dragging on
As those losses keep compiling, all my hopes are gone

Well when I was just a baby my mama told me son
If you root for Cincinnati our relationship is done
Then Burfict tackled Bell,  just to watch him die
When I see them flags a flyin' I hang my head and I cry

Well I'll bet rich Mikies eatin' in some fancy dining car
Probably counting all his money and smokin' big cigars
Well I know I had it comin' I know I can't be free
That bastard keeps a breathing' that's what tortures me
Dalton (updated 1/3/18) 

63-44-2 (.587 as starter)
88.7 career passer rating (Bengals record, 10th among active players, 17th all-time)
106.2 rating in 2015 (Bengals season record)
4293 yards in 2013 (Bengals season record)
33 passing TD's in 2013 (Bengals season record)
3x Pro Bowler
2x Player of the Month
20 game-winning drives
89.6 rating in prime time since the 2.0 game (11 games)
[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
Stone the Crow sums it up beautifully.....

Quote:Fire everyone, burn down Paul Brown Stadium, bulldoze the ashes into the river, pray for anyone downstream who comes into contact with the ashes.

[Image: haoRwE.png]
Joined old board in fall of '10.....11k+ posts....28k+ rep, and tossed to the curb....thanks Son of Paul!

[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
......and a beaut from SHRacer on John Ross to IR:

Quote:Well, this is like when you have diarrhea and you just keep wiping your ass and there just seems to be an endless amount of shit.  That is this season.  

[Image: haoRwE.png]
Joined old board in fall of '10.....11k+ posts....28k+ rep, and tossed to the curb....thanks Son of Paul!

[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
(12-12-2017, 02:31 PM)Bengalholic Wrote: Marvin, is it your job to motivate your team?

[Image: gbmMWal.gif]

Marvin, is it your job to make sure your guys are well prepared?

[Image: gbmMWal.gif]

Marvin, is it your job to make sure schematic changes are made if they're not working?

[Image: gbmMWal.gif]

Marvin, is it your job to ensure second half adjustments are made?

[Image: gbmMWal.gif]

Marvin, is it your job to take responsibility for the failings of your staff?

[Image: gbmMWal.gif]

Marvin, are you held accountable in any way by management?

[Image: gbmMWal.gif]

[Image: bengaldudesig161.png]
You can always trust an dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to look out for.
"Winning makes believers of us all"-Paul Brown
(12-29-2017, 12:28 AM)McC Wrote: Because that's our history.  It's written in our DNA.

We are a maddening combination of horrible luck and bad decisions.  When the right decisions are made and things are seemingly in place, fate steps in and pisses on the fire.  

We defy logic.  We defy nature.  We are the broken clock that isn't right twice a day, the blind squirrel that doesn't find the nut.  Kicked when we're down, kicked when we're up.  We can't trust the good times because we have been there before and we know what is coming.

If you put this history into a work of fiction, it would scoffed at for being beyond belief.

What Bengal fan truly believes the Bengals will ever win a SB?   And yet, here we are and here we'll stay.

True story.
*for rent*
[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
(01-08-2018, 07:44 PM)McC Wrote: Seems like Marv already had his mind made up and the interview was more of a formality.  Who did they interview when they gave Paulie the job?

(01-08-2018, 07:44 PM)StoneTheCrow Wrote: Plane tickets don’t grow on trees bro.

Bingo! ThumbsUp
*for rent*
[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
From The Leonard Leap: (regarding AJ Green not being shown as a "star" at the NCAA Championship game"

They were about to cut over to him and Atkins, but the hot dog guy handed Atkins' hotdogs to AJ to pass them over.... and he dropped them. Ninja
From Shake N' Blake:

Shouldamapads Wrote:
I present the - Go Choke on a Bone awards sponsored by Olde English 800- why drink expensive, when it tastes the same after one anyhow and you're really overdue for a good blackout?

Awards for the worst in class in contributions, humor and reality.

Worst Jungle Noise Poster - Me. I seriously don't know how you guys tolerate me.
Worst of all the other boards that I never visit on here Poster: The other forums are awful and I avoid them.
Creepiest Member Signature - Idk about sig, but that Burfict/Andy face mix avatar is hideous.
TMI in signature poster- Me again. A list of Andy stats with every post? Ugh.

Lamest Poster - Anyone who says "dilly dilly". Was that ever funny?
Biggest Troll- Shrek? Oh wait...he's an ogre.
Most Clueless on facts Poster - Jim O. Insider my butt.
Most Off-the-wall Poster (In a bad way) - BenZoo's posts never make sense. It's sad.
Clearly delusional poster- Aren't we all Bengals fans?
Never on topic Poster- TJ Houshmandzadeh is so underrated among fans. Loved that guy.

Most inappropriate Poster - Shouldamapads. That dude has no manners.
Most incoherent Poster - Kevin. He puts way too many spaces in his posts.
Clearly sauced or high Poster - Holic. He really has a problem. If only you guys could see all of his deleted posts.
If killing was legal, I'd snipe this poster - If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?

Overall worst contributor: Truck. Who does that guy think he is, anyway?

Answers in bold, and the banhammer is aimed at OP. Ninja
Fan in Kettering response to have you seen the defense without Butfict?

“Yes. It’s like a horror movie where everyone makes bad decisions.”
From Sunset Bengal:  

fredtoast Wrote:

I think this offseason will be like 2011 when we rebuilt our defense through free agency, except this year it will be the offense.

Now I will admit that we only signed one free agent that was more than a bargain basement project (Nate Clements 2yr $10.5 million), but that is still one more than usual.  Then we signed two free agent LBs who were *gasp* less than 30 years old (27 yr old Manny Lawson 1 yr $3 million, 28 yr old Thomas Howard 2 yr $6.5 million).  And even though we failed to sign Donte Whitner the fact that we made an offer that he almost accepted before taking 3 yr $12 million from the Fort Niners proves that we were TRYING.

That was also tyhe same offseason that we replaced our Offensive Coordinator Bob "Blue Eyes" Bratkowski with Jay Gruden.

Some people around here act like the Bengals never make these kind of moves, but this was just 8 years ago.  And our offense last year was the worst it has been since 2008 when Palmer was out with injury.

I agree that the Bengals don't operate like this very often, but it has been a long time since we had an offense as bad as last year.  So I think they will loosen the purse strings in free agency this year.

From Sunset:

Wait, you can't make that prediction.  You have zero evidence to back it up.

Why would you just make up silly predictions like that, out of thin air?  What are your credentials to be making absurd predictions like that?  Are you a certifiable football prediction expert?  If so, you need to validate that claim. Ninja

You reap what you sew, eh?  LMAO Hilarious LMAO Hilarious
TKHUL on Burfict:

Quote:Maybe it's a good thing his name is JuJu cause that's the only word he might be able to pronounce correct when Burficts done with him.
[Image: N3TBk3O.jpg]

[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
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