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Jackie Robinson Day
Robinson became the first African American to play MLB on April 15th 1947. Most are aware of him because of that and his baseball, but he was also a stud footballer, basketballer and track star. He was the nations top JC long jumper while at Pasadena City and an NCAA champ while at UCLA. a 25 football leaper. Guessing he ran a leg on the 4x1 but have nothing proving he did. He also held the UCLA school record on the gridiron with a 99 yard TD run from scrimmage, pretty sure that still stands. Was a runner/passer as a Bruin. Also starred on the basketball court. Obviously this guy was simply a great athlete.

His older bro Mack Robinson was an Olympic sprinter who attended Oregon, he chased Jesse Owens to win the 200m silver at those 36 Berlin Olympics.

If Eulace Peacock hadn't been injured we could have unleashed the first great African American 4x1 team on Hitler running....

Jesse Owens....Eulace Peacock***...Mack Robinson...Ralph Metcalfe

Hitler would have loved that.

Speaking of track, brothers, Olympics and UCLA, the school also had Olympic decathon Champ Rafer Johnson and NFL Hall of Famer Jim Johnson (Niner) who was an NCAA hurdles champ himself.

*** had a 7-10 record vs Owens in the 100 and also beat him in the long jump, a 26-3 jumper.

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