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Jim Owczarski is leaving us :(
Jim announced on twitter that he is leaving to go cover the Green Bay Packers. He is easily my favorite writer who covers the Bengals so this is a bit of a bummer to see. I am happy for Jim though and wish him the best of luck!
Just saw this on Twitter. Good luck to Jim. He was the only beat writer (that I know of) to actually engage fans on forums, Reddit, etc.

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I love mock drafts!

4/27/18 - I was wrong. Jpoore was right. Maurice Hurst did not get drafted within the first two rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft. I will uphold my end of the bet and will not post another mock draft until 4/28/19.

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Yeah, saw it on Facebook. Hate to see him go. Great writer, great guy and has been a big contributor to this board since the beginning.

Best of luck Jim!!!
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I don't know what the average stay for a beat writer is, but this one didn't seem very long. Best of luck to Jim O. The Packer fans are going to love you, the same as we do.
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Good Luck Jim.....we'll miss you
Good Luck Jim. Always a fan.
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Jims going to have fun covering a team with Rodgers at QB and a legitimate shot going to SB. I wish the best of luck to him, he was great taking time coming here to share news with all of us!
Hate to see it, but congrats to Jim. Other local beat writers (*cough* John Fay and C. Trent Rosecrans *cough*) should take note of how Jim interacted with fans without any hint of condescension.
Dang, that's too bad...

Well tell Green Bay thanks for Van Pelt! And best of luck to ya, Jim!
Grr, this actually makes me angry. DOUBLE GRR!!! :@:@:@:@:@

It was absolutely awesome having you around, Mr. Owczarski; you were nothing but classy and respectful and that response to my Poland question was awesome!

And I'm glad that you distinctly said that you love my type of questions Wink

I know this is a dream for you, since you are a Wisconsin guy, so I wish you nothing but the absolute best!
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Jim who???? Traitor...…. Ninja Hilarious
Wow surprised he is leaving now. Must be tough to catch up on whats going on far as knowing the roster battles and story lines with a new team. Jim did an awesome job interacting with the fans on this forum, the BBP and on all social media platforms. Jim did a good job keeping neutral and unbiased far as covering the Bengals. I'll miss his sense of humor the most on things such as sending free agent questions to Paul and dealing with the A.J McCarron enthusiasts.
Thanks, Jim! Gonna miss you. See you when we play the Pack in the Superbowl!!!
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Best of luck Jim. Sorry to see you go but I hope you enjoy your new job. I hope you'll still stop in here from time to time if you have any thoughts to share on the Bengals.
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Jim O below

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Thanks Jim for all the great work you have done for the fans!
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Jim has done a great job. We will miss him but this sounds like a great opportunity for him!
Dang, best writer we had, wish Jim O the best.

BTW, believe Jim said he used to cover the Pack. Must of got a better offer and felt like he did what he could for us
over here as he surely did. Have a good one Jim. We will miss you around here. Rock On
(08-10-2018, 10:40 AM)GodFather Wrote: Jims going to have fun covering a team with Rodgers at QB and a legitimate shot going to SB. I wish the best of luck to him, he was great taking time coming here to share news with all of us!

well he made it 1 time so I guess that means they have a shot every time?
Can we send Paul instead? LoL.

Congratulations and Good Luck Jim.
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Good luck Jim and thanks for all the insights you shared with us. You’ll be missed here.

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