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Jonah Williams "dinged up"
It sounded like he was waiting to be evaluated when ZT initially released the info...meaning he wasn't looked at yet. Likely nothing serious.
(06-15-2019, 12:08 AM)fortyyearfan Wrote: My question is why all these screcets about this guy.The fans have a right to know WHAT is his injury.How not tell us and the public.I hate when they do this and not allow the fans to know what the crap is wrong with the guy.If he is requesting this I am already wondering whats up with this dude.We have a right to know the extend of his injury and it must be something that is going to keep him out awhile.I HAte when they do this.This reminds me of old marvins tricks.he would never tell us crap and I did not like him for that reason. Andy

The team employs him, they do not own him. Should your employer release your medical history?

I get the frustration, but there are laws stopping the Bengals from releasing medical info.
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The guy got injured in camp where they aren't wearing pads or doing physical things. I doubt the team wants to actually put that info out there as it looks bad.

I think the HIPAA thing is being overstated for sports. Teams put out injury info all the time. But, you don't have to do it until the season why do it?
(Yesterday, 11:04 AM)Sled21 Wrote: In this scenario, the team doctors are the health care providers.... 

I think Adam Schefter just screwed the pooch about getting any player to ever speak to him again in the NFL. If I were a player or coach and Schefter even so much as asked I played football I'd tell him to buzz off to put it extremely mildly. He'd be on the outside looking in forever. If I were a coach I might even prohibit my players from speaking to the guy or otherwise associating with him in any fashion whatsoever.

Quote:The balance became more complicated this week, when ESPN’s Adam Schefter not only reported that Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was having a finger amputated but also posted on Twitter an image of the medical record. As noted by Bernie Augustine of the New York Daily Newsmultiple players reacted negatively to the release of a player’s medical records.
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