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MLB controlling baseballs?
After MLB bought Rawlings, people have been complaining. Some people complained a lot more home runs have been hit (during the regular season). Now they're complaining the ball is not traveling as far in the post season.

It could be better pitching/etc, wonder why his analytics didn't try to compare that (saying it's a 1 in 1000 chance for this home run rate to happen during the regular season, that's happening in the post season, i.e. lack thereof).

I'm still on the stance (as NFL is) when there are billions of dollars at stake, the game is played to entertain and you must play within *those* rules to win, whatever *those* WWE/WWF rules are.
The ball was definitely "juiced" in some way.

The minor leagues just changed to the same balls and HR were up some insane amount like 20%.

Balls are probably not travelling as far in post season because of cold weather.

I thought about that, with the weather, and perhaps simply better pitching - but I guess their analytics can show bat speed/impact point/projected and actual distance.

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