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"Mattress Mack" of Gallery Furniture in Houston....
#1 of the greatest men it has ever been my pleasure to shake hands with.

As most of you know, I have lived in Texas and mostly Houston since 1995. In that time, I have of course bought a lot of furniture, and outfitted or replaced furniture from several homes/apartments (we've moved around). My wife and I first started buying from Mack when we could afford it in the late 2000's. He stuff is 100% American made, all real hardwood furniture. Not the highest end mind you, but good solid furniture. Every bed in our house has been bought there, including probably half of our furniture. He prides himself on same day delivery (if you buy by 8pm that day) ANYWHERE in the Houston metro area, and his customer service is beyond impeccable.

But as good as his business is, that isn't what this thread is about. He is also one of the nicest most community minded human beings, I have ever met.

See this article on CNN - this is not an aberration. This is who he is. So enjoy a happy/inspirational story coming out of the Texas Winter disaster -

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