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NCAA tournament

Group name: BengalsBoard
Password: NCAA
I’m in!
[Image: Zu8AdZv.png?1]

You said it man. Nobody f***s with the Jesus.

Good job setting this up. Bengal Boards has a bracket on ESPN. Good Job. I'm on as whoson1st. Kevin being too used on a site like ESPN. Abbott and Costello I can remember. I've got a basketball jones. The 6 big tournament winners will be tough. Virginia ACC, Kentucky SEC, Michigan Big 10, Villanova Big East, Kansas Big 12, Arizona Pac 10. That they put Virginia, Kentucky and Arizona all in South Region makes it the hardest Region by far. Arizona could face Kentucky meaning one of these powers won't make it to Sweet 16. Then if Arizona / Kentucky winner plays Virginia, that is a Championship Match Up and not even Final 8 yet. Some other teams in other Regions will go farther thanks to not being in South Region, one tough Region. This first weekend could have PAC 10 winner vs SEC winner and that is a Final 4 type match-up the first weekend if Arizona and Kentucky meet this weekend.

Anyway, good job getting Bengals Boards an ESPN bracket I got into CBS and WHIO TV contests but never considered starting a Bengal Board group. Games start in 4 hours, so too late now. Some of you may want to do a solo bracket selection on these sites. Andy Wink Andy Bengals just traded for a Left Tackle to finally replace Whitworth. Maybe they will draft or get a free agent to replace Zeitler. Huber resigned, new coaches in, NCAA Tourney picks. Spring Break and places like Clearwater have not only spring baseball but college girls in bikini's at beach. Yah Bah Daba Do and Who Dey.
1968 Bengal Fan
Looks like I am the champion. So what great prize did I win? Sarcasm
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(03-31-2018, 09:43 PM)Luvnit2 Wrote: Looks like I am the champion. So what great prize did I win? Sarcasm

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(04-01-2018, 08:12 AM)HarleyDog Wrote: [Image: giphy.gif]

Is this a trap? Facebook won the internet and now will likely lose billions.  Smirk

TY for organizing, maybe next year we get more to participate.
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