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Need A Sig?
If you're looking for a sig, let me know what you're wanting included in it, and I'll get you one made up.  Andy
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Hmm, let me think on that one. I haven't sported a sig, since I was a rookie on the mothership. That one featured Whitworth, my favorite player of the time. The phrase that went along with it was "I can't do it all by myself", as the thing that first drew my attention to him was the year they had him starting at LG. Someone had done dirty, and he took them to the ground and pound. These days, I really don't have an OL favorite, and I've loved Burfict since he became a Bengal.

I sometimes refer to Burfict as The Super Destroyer. So, if I were to ask for a sig, it would be one featuring Vontaze Burfict and The Super Destroyer included somehow. The details of what I have in mind are a bit cloudy right now, so I'm going to think on it.

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