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New Chat Box Location
Idk how many people use their phone (without the app) to post on here, but if you get on the forum that way the chat box being at the top just blows up all over the front of the page. I can still click on the threads and such, but it's a pain.
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I generally view on my laptop and the chat box takes up a fair amount of area before I can view the actual message board. Not a huge deal, but I also don't care for it at the top. Honestly it doesn't seem like a popular feature anyway no matter where it is located. I guess I'm kind of in the less noise the better. Nothing against the people that enjoy it. It just seems like clutter to me and having to scroll past it to read the forum is just slightly annoying.
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(be both)
The chat box has now joined the arcade as features that will no longer be part of the board. The chat has gotten very little use over the past year, so I tried it at the top for a few days just to see if anyone would use it. Even during this slow period of the year, it still went pretty much unused, so no need to keep it around. 
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