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New England should have signed Dalton
(12-29-2020, 12:40 AM)Nately120 Wrote: The Pats got Newton as a starter for almost half of what Dalton got to be a backup.  They were playing it chintzy, and I think Newton did about as well as could be expected.  We had our scenarios for the Pats to trade for Dalton and then sign Dalton and be instant contenders, but I admit we're biased.

Side note, I'm pulling for the Cowboys to make the playoffs by default so we can see if Dalton has a Dalton one-n-done meltdown.  Then again, he's on a team with a losing record in the playoffs but those teams are also 2-0 in their first game of the playoffs.
Dalton would be performing better, Cam has never been know as a accurate QB and has been bad throwing and if NE gets behind he really struggles throwing. Signing g Dalton for couple years made better sense and showing now
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