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OL issues solved
When Redmond is the savior, you know we are in trouble. But I for one even with that said is happy he is back if only because of the success of the run game towards the end of last season with him in.
[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
Just read they are trying out Redmond at LT... I guess Cordy Glenn must have died.
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(10-09-2019, 03:06 PM)yellowxdiscipline Wrote: Just read they are trying out Redmond at LT... I guess Cordy Glenn must have died.

...What?  Hilarious
I love mock drafts!

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

[Image: 4CV0TeR.png]
The OL issues all started when Price got injured last year and has continued through this year. The thing I keep hearing is that the Bengals should go after Trent Williams. That would be good if the Bengals didn't invest into three tackles already in Hart, Glenn and Williams. Two of those players are considered LT and both have not seen the field which has negatively impacted the rest of the OL and continues into game 6.

The thing that makes me laugh is that Zac Taylor at one point stated that he wanted the OL situated prior to camp and here comes game 6 with the OL far from situated and is still the biggest struggle on the offensive side of the ball.

Even with a backup that is serviceable for the LT spot one cannot expect said player to hold their own for 6 games against top tier talent. Hopefully Jerry who has performed well enough to deserve a shot as the main LT until Williams or Glenn can step into the position once they are back from injury.

IMO given the current players I would go with this offensive line...

Jerry Price Hopkins Miller Hart

I also would start to use Sample more in the game as an extra blocker and focus on running the ball. The running game needs to improve to open up the passing game.

Right now the OL reminds me of the old days of plug and play type devices since those days were plug and pray.

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