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Outdoor water faucet
I have an issue with a water faucet outside. My parents just downsized into a house last year, they are in their early 80's, and the faucet is on the side of the house where there is a slope off the house. I can connect the hose to it easily, but to use it, they will have to walk over a sideways slope to turn the water off and on. It's really not safe for them if I am not there to do it for them...turning the water on and off. Bad location. And they want to use it for watering outside.

I want to extend the shutoff valve. We cant move it because it is sort of like a condo. It is what it is.

I've been looking on line with a couple of options. One guy said, take a very thick rubber hose, screw it into the house, and attach a brass shutoff valve at the end of it. On the other side of the coupling, attach a new hose, and just turn the water on at the house and turn the water on and off at the new valve. Problem is, I'm not sure a hose can handle the pressure like pipes do in a house. The other option is to extend with PVC pipe but that is more involved.

Anyone here ever extend their water faucet? Maybe you put a new deck in and it didn't access as well. Or shrubbery overgrew and blocked it, etc. I'm skeptical that a hose can be used this way, but I'm wondering if others have ever faced this. Your suggestions would be appreciated.
Heavy duty hose will handle any regular house water pressure.

Problem will be finding a short one so you don't have a big coil lying around.

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