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PFF Free Agency Preview
(02-17-2020, 04:43 PM)JSR18 Wrote: WhoDey2  I'd be absolutely fine with that.  Hart should've been sent packing after his 1st pre-season game. The only one I'd keep is Price.                         He's a 1st rounder that has talent. There's something going on there that just doesn't sit right with me.

                    You don't have a college career like Price did, get drafted in the 1st round. Start from game 1 and then go to a seldom used back-                     up in 1 season.

                     Is/was there an injury? Could it be mental? Could Turner be playing locker room games like he did in Miami?

                     It'll come out in the wash I'm sure...


Price got beat out by a more consistent center.
After not playing Guard for 2+ years, he's having to learn how to ride a bike again.

And I don't know about Turner playing locker room games, but I do know that Turner's scheme is more about staying put and using extension to block, not about driving off the ball and moving the LOS (similar to Alexander's). As such, Price would have difficulty succeeding in such a scheme, and that could be a legit logical reason why he's doing poorly.

Price may simply not be a good fit.
I love mock drafts!

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