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PFN 7 RD Mock
This is the first 7 rounder I've seen this year and the guy seems to know a little something about the team:

He has us going: C/CB/OT in the first 3 rounds and I dig the players, but if I could make a change I'd go KINNARD in RD 2 and the CB out of TCU in the 3rd.

What doe you think of a 1st 3 of:


or what tweaks would you make with the first 3 given what he has available when we pick?
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Getting that Center would do wonders for the OL I would think. Spain and Jonah have been solid to good this year. I believe in Carman.
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I haven't done enough research yet, but just looking at the needs of this team:

1. C. Hopkins is one of the worst this year. I thought 6 months post ACL was too soon. I don't think you roll the dice and pray he gets better. You need a backup plan.

2. CB. I'll puke if Waynes is one of our starters next year. He just can't stay healthy. We really need 2 picks used on CB this year in the first 2 days.
I was thinking Corner, Interior Offensive Line, and then maybe Defensive Tackle. Ogunjobi, Hill, and Tupou are all FAs though we could re-sign one or all of them of course. Taking two IOL with our first 3 picks would be fine too. But yes, we mos def need help at Corner. Trae Wayne isn't the answer. Apple is on a one year deal and I don't really believe in him. I think Darius Phillips and Jalen Davis's contract are up too, though they should be cheap to re-sign. Chido is great but we need a high pick (1st rounder probably) to start opposite of him.

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These threads are great, I admittedly don't know much about the players until draft season starts the hype since I don't watch a lot of college football.

How nice is it though, that we're on pace to not be picking at the top of the draft? I'll take the playoffs and then drafting later to get a solid player any day over picking top five.
Now that the Bengals are getting slotted at 26th in the draft...yea you heard that right 26th. Alot of the obvious choices are should be gone.

I'll go with:

1. Nicholas Petit-Frere OT Ohio State
2. Perrion Winfrey DT Oklahoma
3. Noah Daniels CB TCU
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