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Packers / Chiefs Superbowl Rematch ???
Very possible. That TV commercial with Mahomes and Rodgers most of season may turn out to be the Super Bowl. Maybe it's fitting that we get to see Rodgers and Mahomes meet in a Super Bowl. The Fans in London would love it because they seem to own a lot of Rodgers jerseys, but let them see this young star probably heading to Hall Of Fame someday also. Sometimes in sports the young star and the old star meet. The older Honus Wagner & the young Ty Cobb in one of first World Series. The older Johnny Unitas & the younger Joe Namath in AFL first of 2 Super Bowl wins. The older Wilt Chamberlain vs the younger Lew Alcindor Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

So for Fans it is historic and fitting these 2 meet, the young star vs the old star.

I think there may be one difference maker and that is the tight end Kelce who dominates like retired Patriots Gronk. Mahomes, Kelce, Hill and many other offensive weapons look like the NEW PATRIOTS. They can score many points like LSU in college this year. Just as there wasn't much answer to Brady and Gronk and all the other offensive stars in their Dynasty, there isn't much answer to Mahomes and Kelce and all their offensive stars. Lets not leave out Coach Andy Reid.

The Packers are said to have a good defense this year. Still, I like Andy Reid and a Chiefs team that looks very much like the New Patriots with all those weapons and the best TE in the NFL in Kelce.

Packers vs Chiefs would be one of the Greatest Super Bowls ever. It's fitting Rodgers and the young Mahomes should meet in at least one Super Bowl.
1968 Bengal Fan
Ehh...worn out story line.. I'd rather see two really lousy teams from last year meet.. Bengals and Redskins..or Giants or something similar. Now that would get my interest.. I don't much care about Rogers/Mahomes..  Mellow
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Although State Farm would love that scenario, I think the 49ers get there before the Packers do. However, if your right, I could see the media hyping this thing up exactly the way Kevin described. Heck, can't say I would blame them either.
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I’m hoping for Packers/Chiefs. Mahomes vs Rodgers would be a lot of fun. Especially after that boring Super Bowl last season.

That said, watch we’ll probably get SF/Tennessee now lol
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(01-16-2020, 03:06 AM)Nicomo Cosca Wrote: I’m hoping for Packers/Chiefs. Mahomes vs Rodgers would be a lot of fun. Especially after that boring Super Bowl last season.

That said, watch we’ll probably get SF/Tennessee now lol

SF/Tennessee would be fun too. 
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(01-16-2020, 08:18 AM)HarleyDog Wrote: SF/Tennessee would be fun too. 

Meh. Not as much. Unless you prefer defense and running the ball over elite QB play.
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Ultimately it was not very possible.
It's amazing..season 100, ..54 years since SB 1. 50 years since KC one SB 4.
Yet people judt call it pure ,innocent coincidence that both teams were one game away.
The league made it happen and teased on purpose. I said in August that SF would be in SB, but I thought Pats would be the other team. In the playoffs, I did say Chiefs vs Niners.
No surprise at all.
Sports is staged entertainment and they lie to you right in your face. Kc will help in the recreation of SB losing like they did the first SB.

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