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Patriots Opt Out... for Lawrence?
Seems that a lot of the Patriots are opting out of the season... is it possible Billy is encouraging this to increase his chances in the upcoming draft? Not a bad way to conveniently lose some games. “We would have been better but our entire defense has opted out” lol
They wouldn’t have signed Cam if they were going to intentionally tank.
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(08-01-2020, 02:10 PM)Nicomo Cosca Wrote: They wouldn’t have signed Cam if they were going to intentionally tank.

Well you don’t want to make it obvious. Cam won’t be able to save them when their top rated D is it home on the couch.
If you opt out, you are only paid $150,000, unless you have a serious medical condition, in which case you get $350,000.

Now, I know that football players are "team players" but guys making millions a year would not choose to be paid a fraction of that just to get a QB.

If they wanted to truly tank for Lawrence, they would play and just be bad. It's a much more efficient way of losing and then the players wouldn't have to sacrifice their salaries.
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Can't put anything past the Patriots but I just can't buy into that theory. I just see it as it's not much fun to play there and they're not true favorites to win the AFC anymore. Playing there isn't for everybody and the opt outs are snowballing. Hightower is a big loss and may have caused more dominoes to fall too.
Belichick could build a defense out of ultimate frisbee players that would win 5 or 6 games.

Belichick hates to lose and he does not think he needs an elite QB to win Championships.
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