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Paul McCartney Egyptian Station, Kind Of Good
Just released. At first I had mixed feelings about it. Then I listened to all the songs again on YouTube. I really like Despite Repeated Warnings. Also a new Beatles Peace song in People Want Peace. Paul marched in March For Our Lives, and so I like song, Do It Now ( while your vision is clear ). Happy With You is about getting off booze, drugs and enjoying a real life. Dominoes is good. Caesar Rock is much like Revolver or Sgt Pepper with McCartney rocking while a very Harrison type guru background sound in parts of Paul's rocking guitars. Now to those that hate the Beatles and Wings and McCartney, stay wit whatever you listen to. To those that like some Beatles, Wings & McCartney, this album is OK. I can see a theme to it, that Wars, Hate, Global Warming are all around us but People can win out. The will of the people if People want Peace. So with the negative is the often positive Beatles outlook still. The idea that People can make a Better World. That our best hope is the young people. An old Beatles theme, but it makes for a good record. The last song is Hunt You Down/ Naked and it has a good blues guitar ending to album. I can see I'm going to have to buy it and hear what it sounds like on something better than YouTube sound. I want to hear it on a good stereo.
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