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Post Trade and Likely My Final Mock
This was done with the Fanspeak website. I just liked it so much I decided to copy it here.

21 - Ronnie Harrison S Alabama.
Combination safety with all the size and athletic traits you could hope for in a safety. Harrison is a fluid athlete with few athletic limitations and has the ability to fit into a variety of defensive schemes. His penchant for flying in shoulder first will need to get cleaned or risk giving up missed tackles and big plays. Harrison's physical approach and urgency in run support gives him a chance to start early, but his potential in coverage and athletic ability give him a chance to become a Pro Bowler.

46 - James Daniels C Iowa
Daniels is a fluid mover with tremendous initial quickness to win positioning on most every zone block he's asked to make -- both on the first and second levels. His height, weight and arm length numbers at the Combine will be critical in either solidifying his draft slot or potentially dropping him a round. Some teams might see him as a zone-only center, but he may be strong enough to fit in with other blocking schemes. He needs to get stronger, but he's a plus run blocker and pass protector with a chance to become a Pro Bowl starter.

77 - Tim Settle DL Virginia Tech
Settle has rare gifts for a big man with good mass, play strength, quickness, and agility. His substantial jump in production in 2017 was due to weight loss and additional conditioning that allowed him to play more snaps and play faster. He's a disruptive, versatile defensive lineman who offers enough pass rush potential to warrant reps on passing downs. Settle is a natural 4-3 fit but can play in a 3-4 as well. He has the potential to become a very good starter with a Pro Bowl ceiling if he controls his weight and maintains his conditioning.

100 - Leighton Vander Esch LB Boise State
Vander Esch is a loose-hipped, instinctive linebacker who played in 2017 like he had a GPS tracker on the football. His production totals against both the run and pass are rare for being a first-year starter and with a frame that is primed for more muscle, his NFL ceiling is high. Vander Esch might benefit from a reduced role his rookie season while he improves his play strength and becomes more skilled at taking on blocks. He's an every-down linebacker with very good starting potential and the talent to fill up a stat sheet.

112 - Dorance Armstrong Jr Edge Kansas
Armstrong is an intriguing prospect with the build and fluid athleticism of a shooting guard. Armstrong's drop in production can be attributed to a change in scheme that asked him to play run first and pass second. His game revolves around athletic ability over technique, but that should change with more coaching and a full-time move to 3-4 outside linebacker. Armstrong has the tools and upside to become a complete player and good NFL starter.

151 - Zachary Crabtree OT Oklahoma State
Right tackle prospect with good size, length and natural anchor. However, Crabtree's inconsistent base and heavy feet cause him trouble with balance which is highly exploitable by NFL defenders. Crabtree is OK in the run game but simply doesn't control the rep as often as you would like. His biggest concern will come against NFL pass rushers as he has too many instances where he struggles to protect his edges with footwork and redirect strength. Crabtree has backup potential but could struggle badly if forced into a game too early.

158 - Luke Falk QB Washington State
Tall, rhythm passer with good natural accuracy and years of quality production who is much more comfortable working the perimeter and against man coverage. Falk's lack of protection and average mobility has lead to a tremendous amount of sacks and quarterback hits that may have taken a toll on him. While he can throw with touch and accuracy, his deep and intermediate accuracy dipped this season. There are some holes that could be hard to correct in Falk's game and "average starter" may be his ceiling.

170 - Micheal Gallup WR Colorado State
Natural athlete with good size who finds ways to get open through burst and athletic ability. Gallup has posted outstanding production during his two years in the Mountain West at Colorado State, but his level of play took a dip in his matchup against Alabama early in the season. Gallup is still a little raw, but is quickly fine-tuning his game and may have the ability to become a good WR2 in the league.

249 - Cody O'Connell G Washington State
O’Connell’s overall grade of 92.6 ranks second in the draft class while his pass blocking grade of 93.1 ranks No. 1 among guards. He dealt with the bull rush extremely well last year as he didn’t allow a single bull rush pressure in 648 pass blocking snaps. His pass blocking efficiency (PBE) of 99.3 last year ranks No. 2 in the draft class, only allowing six total pressures on 648 pass block snaps with only one of them being a sack (PBE measures pressure allowed on a per snap basis with weighting towards sacks).

252 - Deandre Goolsby TE Florida
Goolsby missed five games with injuries in 2017. In his seven games for the season, he totaled 13 receptions for 105 yards and a touchdown. Goolsby is a terrible blocker and soft in the ground game. Sources have told me that Goolsby is being significantly dinged for those things in his report. Flashed some receiving ability in 2015 with 17 receptions for 277 yards and one touchdown. Despite poor quarterback play with the Gators, Goolsby showed improvement in 2016 with 38 receptions for 342 yards and three scores

253 - Greg Stroman CB Virginia Tech
"I worry more about how he will hold up as an NFL tackler because of how thin he is. I'm not worried about the coverage part at all. He's been challenged by big guys, fast guys and big fast guys in that conference and he's done really well against all of them." -- former NFL defensive backs coach
[Image: Untitleddfcopycopycopycopy_zps872b23c3.png]
NO solution for linebacker as Leighton will be long gone before 100. Not a fan .
If Vander Esch is there at pick 100 and the Bengals take him, I'll kiss your ass. (not really, but I would buy you a beer) ThumbsUp

Fans seem to be very polarized when it comes to Vander Esch, they either really like him, or really don't. I happen to like him, and think he would develop into a perfect pairing with Burfict in the Nickle package.
[Image: N7L2wTe.gif?1]
I don’t think Van will be there in 4th and I’m not personally on his bandwagon. Would like to see LB rather than Center in 2nd. You sold me on Ronnie and that Guard. Good draft and great write ups. Would not be upset with this draft if it panned out this way.
Definitely not a fan of Harrison at #21.

I love the rest of it, but I just don't see those guys being available. If they did fall that far, this would be a home run draft.

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