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Preseason PSA
(08-12-2017, 08:44 AM)ben_lewtas9 Wrote: If you want an interesting read, go onto the Bears Instagram page and read the comments on the photos of Trubisky, then the comments on the photo of Glennon!

One pre-season game and he's bringing back the 85' Bears  Hilarious

Haha well we gotta give them a bit of a break. I mean, the Bears haven't had a decent QB since.... Hmm... Umm.... Hmm
We're going to the suprrbowl because I'm the sole caregiver for my gf's cat. She kicked it out of the house and now it's the garage cat and craps in the sawdust which actually is better than kitty litter.. 
There has to be a Bengals connection there somewhere. 
Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse, but the one comfort we have is Cincinnati sounds worse. ~Oliver Wendal Holmes Sr.

Never underestimate the power of the history of sliced bread. Sliced bread is still the greatest thing since sliced bread. ~me

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