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Raiders WR Henry Ruggs
Hypothetically speaking - I've driven under the influence and never once thought.. I wonder how fast I can take this sucker. If anything I was nervous as hell and made sure I was going the speed limit..... Perhaps I wasn't drunk enough
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(06-21-2022, 11:20 PM)QueenCity Wrote: Hypothetically speaking - I've driven under the influence and never once thought.. I wonder how fast I can take this sucker.  If anything I was nervous as hell and made sure I was going the speed limit..... Perhaps I wasn't drunk enough

you were drunk enough.  just weren't driving a high performance vehicle with a vapidly inflated ego. 
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And what happened that year/Season?
Ruggs, coach Chuckie emails, Madden dies and they make playoffs.

Alot is happening around the Buffalo Bills this time.
(11-09-2021, 01:44 PM)Mickeypoo Wrote: Before I quit drinking I had worked my way up to 6-12 beers a night 5 days a week and was good for 12-15 Sat & Sun.  My wife and I went out 4-6 times a week to bars.  Thankfully I hate being really drunk and was always chasing the buzz, so I would slow down to maintain the buzz, but kept from getting completely sloppy.  I drove all the time like that and I am certainly not proud of it.  I am very blessed and thankful nothing ever happened.  I drove hundreds of times over a number of years like that.

One day I woke up late, tired and grouchy (as usual) on the weekend and my kid wanted to play and I was grouchy towards him.  It hit me right then and there that I needed to make a change and there was no way I was going to be that kind of father to my 2 beautiful children.  I stopped drinking that day and never looked back.  

My daughter was not old enough to remember, but my son (almost 14), unfortunately still remembers how I was.  Nothing super bad.  Just always tired, kinda grouchy and unmotivated to do anything.  Hopefully that will fade over the years.

March 22' will be 6 years since I last had a drink and don't miss it one bit.  I also quit ciggys 15 years ago at age 32.  What an insanely dumb habit that was.

Sorry, I guess that was not really on topic.

It took me years to figure it out. I drove drunk A LOT and got caught several times after 1990 something right after my mother died..I lost my license for years, but still kept driving. I quit drunk driving after about 1995 or so and quit drinking entirely about 7 years ago. I had quit drinking around 2001 or so then started up again for about a year then quit entirely. I dunno..I have the math wrong there, but I did quit. I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't kill anyone driving drunk was I always slowed way down when I was drunk.
Dayton cops finally figured me out before I did.. I suppose I am glad for that even if I hate Dayton cops in general.. 

Anyway.. Yeah..I don't have any sympathy for Ruggs.. He brought it on himself just like I brought all my problems on myself..  Nobody else is to blame for what I did or do to this day. 
There was a time I blamed the system for allowing bars to even have parking lots.. I still think that is a bad idea.. 
In the immortal words of my old man, "Wait'll you get to be my age!"

Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse, but the one comfort we have is Cincinnati sounds worse. ~Oliver Wendal Holmes Sr.

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As I posted earlier the defense was trying to get the blood test excluded.  Now a judge has denied the motion to suppress the blood alcohol test.

Quote:In a hearing Tuesday at Las Vegas Justice Court, a judge denied the motion by his defense team.

Prosecutors say the blood test results show Ruggs had a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit when he crashed into Tina Tintor's SUV last November. Investigators said Ruggs was speeding at 156 mph at the time of the crash that killed Tintor and her dog, Max.

Attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld, who are representing Ruggs, argued that police didn't have a legal reason to ask for a warrant to obtain Ruggs' blood, the Associated Press reported.

From ESPN:

Quote:"There's obvious time constraints in applying for a search warrant for a blood draw," Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman said. "Under the totality of the circumstances, there is more than sufficient evidence for a finding of probable cause for the issuance of the search warrant in this case.

"Nobody has mentioned so far that Mr. Ruggs was seriously injured in this accident and transported to the hospital, so he would have been unable to submit to field sobriety tests. Coupled with his refusal to answer questions, this does not result in a reward. ... Motion to suppress is denied."

Quote:Authorities say that Ruggs was speeding west of The Strip when his Corvette Stingray hit Tintor's Toyota RAV4, propelling the Toyota 571 feet and setting it on fire. A coroner ruled in December that Tintor and her dog, Max, burned to death.

For perspective 571 feet is 190 yards.   So almost the length of two football fields excluding the end zones.
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