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Reduce The 3 and Outs . Increase number of 1st Downs
(07-30-2019, 12:47 AM)kevin Wrote: We as Fans really don't know what the assigned blocking play is and who is doing what on blocking.  We and the announcers can guess.   There is one way though.  Count the number of 3 and outs.  Good teams have few of those.  I'm old enough to remember Lombardi Packers in preseason and they were like a machine up and down the field.  I don't expect that out of Bengals trying to rebuild, but I would like to see the offense move the chains more than last few years.  If they do that, I will know somebody must be blocking.  That's what I will be looking for in preseason training camp games, are they moving the chains OR do they have to punt the ball right back.  I would like to see them go through games with no 3 and outs, meaning they moved the chains each time on offense.  The Defense will be better if this team can cut down on the 3 and outs also.

so your saying Controll the Ball Controll the Clock?

(07-30-2019, 01:26 PM)rfaulk34 Wrote: I think you're both on some witchcraft shit.

Less 3 and outs means more first downs...70 pts per will win more games.

That's crazy talk, man.

but we want more 3 and outs and less 1st downs....    (from our Defense)
Wait a cottin pickin minute.. Are yous guys suggesting that if we score more points than the other team(s) we might win more games?  Well I AM SHOCKED! All this time I thought we relied on the sheer generosity of the league and other teams to hand us wins and became upset when they didn't.  Mellow
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