Poll: NFL players should have Guaranteed contracts?
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Should NFL Players get Guaranteed contracts?
NFL players are bitching about how much the NBA player is making vs them. I think they have a good point but I think they should be more mad at their agents than the NFL per say.
So what do you think should they have guaranteed money or not?

Lebron left the Cavs this makes me sad. 
Guaranteed why exactly? Teams should honor contracts they sign just like players should . That's why they're called contracts.. 
This is the absolute last signature change I'll ever make...right up until the next one. The last will be just as soon as someone pays a funeral director on my behalf. 

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I almost always side with labor in these areas.
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There are 53 men on an NFL roster and 12 or 13 on an NBA's? Well duh, they make more. As far as guaranteed contracts, I want to say yes and that would seem to make negotiations clearer and easier, but I wonder about the injury rate. Without looking, Im going to guess that football players have much shorter careers and are much more susceptible to injury over fewer games than all other professional athletes.

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