Poll: Should QB's get say?
Yes - If they are Face of Franchise
No - They ae players, that's what Personnel is for.
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Should QB's get a say?
In personnel decisions?



I think when the qb is a HOF'mer......

What do you think?
Go Vikes!
Not automatically, but some should be listened to.
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Yes but a personnel descion should not be made soley off the QB or any players wants and wishes.
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Since a QB, or any player for that matter, is one play from being history, no. The team remains no matter what, that is why the team has owners, GM's, and coaches to make personnel decisions.
Which QB are we talking about? Starter? Second string backup? 3rd? 4th? The one nobody ever heard of? It's not as if every QB is automatically a genius in personnel decision making or even knows didly squat about it.. Heck, I'd venture to say that most QBs would like to break the bank for the most expensive offensive line players, WRs and so on and completely forget about defenses.. ..Throw for a million yards a season and hope they can outscore every team even when the defense couldn't stop a storm of cotton balls..
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I think all players, not just QBs, should be asked their opinion. After all they are the ones that have to work side by side with them. If the new guy can't gel with the rest of the team it can cause major problems.

That being said player's input should only be a small part of the process.

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