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Stay classy Mick Cronin
(12-14-2017, 09:48 AM)jason Wrote: Ha... I was sippin a some Maker's Mark (Kentucky in the house!), And laughing about this thread... I totally forgot posting in it.

I love Kentucky my man. Truth be told, have no problem with KC. I just thought the selection of NY, California, and Ohio seemed arbitrary, and odd.

Also... I have given Texas and Oklahoma back to Mexico.

lol. i hear ya brother. i don't mind maker's so much as my disdain for louisville in general. the selection WAS arbitrary. i like texas don't care much for oklahoma, however they do both have whattaburger and those burger joints are tasty burgers. mmm ... mmmm i don't have a pulp fiction meme for this post... failed.
(12-14-2017, 04:11 AM)WildCat Wrote: right b/c his name i gotcha. look into the history, cal was never found at fault. if the ncaa ever had anything on him they'd have busted his ass long ago, like pitino just went down but never roy williams, coach K. or even jim ***** boeheim. get real. always the same narrative with you cal/UK haters. be a lot better if you had a less butt hurt narrative to strike me with. either way we're both bengal fans so there's that.

i live on the missouri side ty. actually kc is much nicer than cincy, hence why i chose to stay here over 12 years. people's attitudes make a difference to me. you might be right though michigan is also turrible. i would also say illinois as well (chi-town is esp. shitty). ohio is still a top 5. also btw you'd have to give texas and oklahoma away b4 missouri. besides that i'm a kentucky native, 27 years of my life. don't know about inbrediana, but some of us in kentucky have no love for buckeyes.

***edit*** just for the lulz b4 someone decides to chime in on the "you're from kentucky you eff your sister or cousin trash" i'll say this. you're gd right ain't nunya worth looking at, keep it in house! for the lulz :)
Truth hurts homie... Anyways I actually like Cal he isn't in it for himself and cares more about his players then his resume. Still though where there is smoke their is fire and dude isn't playing by NCAA rules no matter how stupid the rules are.
I changed from J24 to Jakeypoo because it's a nickname given to me by my favorite person in the world who I haven't seen in a while or heard from and miss a whole heck of a lot.

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