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Tale of Two Andy's
(10-12-2017, 12:08 PM)PhilHos Wrote: Roethlisberger USED to, but your point is valid. 

His size is unique making him hard to bring down and resulting in extended plays.

Rodgers weapon is his incredible accurate arm regardless of the position his body is in.

Both of those weapons are a rarity.
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(10-04-2017, 07:29 AM)PDub80 Wrote: The thing that encourages me is that Andy blatantly missed game changing/winning throws against the Ravens, Texans, and Packers or the Bengals would be 4-0. The rest of the team played well enough to have won those 3 games if Andy would have played even just a good game from start to finish.

Couldn't agree more. He played like a bum those first three games with the exception of one half.

I'll say this again and again, we really have no clue what type of QB we will have game to game. He's way too inconsistent and unfortunately plays poorly in the big games and playoffs. It is what it is.
I'm stisticking with the Washington Generals theory because there really isn't anything to explain why this team plays just horrible in prime time and playoffs other than the orders from the top to hand victory over to the team with the better TV ratings.
Now every player will hit a funk from time to time where nothing goes right, but our funk is more than mere coincidence sudden, unexplainable bad coaching and poor QB play. 
By nearly any standard imaginable Andy is a very good QB EXCEPT when ordered to be horrible. 
I'm a firm believer that the league doesn't leave television ratings and potentially billions of dollars to chance that an alleged mid tier QB might just take the league golden boys apart and have all those golden TV viewers tuning out when their heroes are no longer heroes. 
I mean just how many times do we have to watch washed up players suddenly and for absolutely no reason turn into the greatest thing since sliced bread come TV ratings time? And please, don't trot out the worn out line about greatness rising to the occasion when it counts..We've seen just to many over the hill players suddenly become world beaters for absolutely no reason in the world other than ratings. 
After all, is there even the slightest doubt that Rottenbooger could toss 80 INTs and fumble 40 times with two broken legs, missing his left nut, blind in one eye and STILL suddenly become great in the post season? That's not coincidence, it's a setup.  

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