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Thanks For The Bengals Baseball League
It was a good long season against others on Bengals Boards. B21 or Bengal 21 had best season record and was tough. Also in play-offs was a tough team Houndzilles, and second best record Sexy Lexy. Trble Wit Da Swerve and derrik's Neat Team were also in play-offs early on and tough to get past. My team was the Cincinnati Bings, with Bing Crosby smoking pipe as my avatar picture. I was around last place April and May. I saw I was conceding too many categories such as stolen bases and saves. Adding free agents Mallex Smith and Adalberto Mondesi helped me start winning stolen base column. Boston Sale, and Indians Carrasco and Bauer were key pitchers. I went from around last to 3rd place making play-offs, and being a hot team at end, my team won league World Championship. Way to go, Cincinnati Bings. I had to get past tough Sexy Lexy to face B21 in World Series. I far out led league in player free agent transactions, using 123 different players to get to and win World Series over the season. Hey, I was playing catch up, I started hitting free agents to get out of last.

I'm glad somebody started this JUNGLE NOISE LEAGUE and the Bengals Board Fans were tough at baseball. Even the last place teams could upset you up to the end. My team went from around last into play-offs and won, but it wasn't easy. IT WAS A FUN BENGALS LEAGUE. MADE BASEBALL SEASON FUN, Reds sure didn't. GO BENGALS. Bengals are 3-1. Enough baseball, Lets go Super Bowl. WHO DEY.
1968 Bengal Fan
On the topic of fantasy baseball, is there anyone on the boards who would be interested in filling the final spot in a 10-Team league I have going with some other Bengals fans? This league has been going for many years now and is always competitive. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you could fill that last spot. We’re itching to draft within the next week!

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