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The WR position going into 2019
Here's how I look at our receiving corps:

AJ Green - Franchise clear cut #1 receiver

Tyler Boyd - Solid receiver, great hands. Can definitely be the 2/3 guy.

John Ross - A lot of potential and could be the big threat guy and potential the top option beside Green. Problem is for me he's still a virtually an unknown so going into the season I wouldn't want to count on him for anything other than the 4th option. This guy was a first round pick and I don't even hardly remember him, which is bad.

Cody Core/Alex Erickson/Josh Malone/Hunter Sharp/Auden Tate - This is where me not paying a whole lot of attention the past 2/3 years. I don't know these guys at all so I just assume they are not that great. I'm sure 2 of them can fit into the 5th and 6th spots on the team.

I think we need to get one guy in the draft to compete in with our 4th to 7th receivers. Like a 3rd rounder or beyond.

I think we need to take a guy in free agency that can compete in those 2nd to 4th receiver spots. I think Demaryius Thomas now release could be a potential guy they bring in just because of his connections.

I'd like to take a flyer on a guy like Randall Cobb/Donte Moncrief/Kelvin Benjamin/John Brown - Some guy that has the potential to be really good, but won't cost an arm and a leg to bring in. Probably a high risk/reward guy.

Oh I forgot about TE. That's the position that's awful in my opinion. Eifert can't stay healthy. I wouldn't mind poaching Jesse James as a #2 TE. Cook could be brought in with Callahan. And Austin Sefarian-Jenkins wouldn't be terrible. All comes down to price.
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(02-10-2019, 03:46 PM)BengalChris Wrote: I know. But we see WRs picked in those rounds by other teams who do contribute. We need to do a better scouting job on them.

....or a better job developing them.
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(02-12-2019, 10:51 PM)BengalChris Wrote: I didn't like how Ross ran his routes and attempted to catch the ball. The guy needs to step up in year 3.

Yes, not making any excuses for Ross when he wasn't showing effort.

(02-12-2019, 11:42 PM)bengalfan74 Wrote: You gotta love Lazor for helping to get PA booted. But I didn't like his coaching/play calling down the stretch, at all. He ignored Mixon for giant stretch's in games and didn't get him involved enough in the passing game. 

Lazor did little to nothing to help Ross and get him involved in the short to medium passing game. He did little to help Driskel and on and on.

No doubt, Lazor will always hold a special place in my heart for helping get rid of the Piano Man.

Dude just wasn't a good OC from what i saw and in this game you have to almost show IMMEDIATE results or your gone.

Just the way it is.

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