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Tickets needed
My cousin is trying to get  some Bengals tickets to take her family to because they are Bengals fans and it would mean the world to the youngest son who is a huge Bengals fan. So, since our season is down the crapper (and I let my season tickets go years ago) I was hoping someone would be willing to depart on the cheap side. She is willing to pay and actually asked for 4-5 tickets but said she would take what she could get because her main goal is to take her son, with family being a plus if tickets are available. If not cheap, I can at least run the $$ amount by her and see if she can afford. Let me know or PM me if you would like.

Thanks in advance from HD!
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Did you ever get the tickets, Harley? By the look of PBS yesterday there were probably lots of cheap tickets about.
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(12-25-2017, 09:52 AM)Awful Llama Wrote: Did you ever get the tickets, Harley?  By the look of PBS yesterday there were probably lots of cheap tickets about.

Actually, I didn't. However, not needed now (I should have updated the thread). My cousin who wanted them is now too busy to take her son. My uncle had a heart attack right after I posted and although out of the hospital now and doing well, he will be staying with her for awhile. Shes a nurse so, mix that with her job and her parenting duties, she isn't going to be able to make it. She still has a desire to go next year and doesn't care if its preseason or regular. She just want's to take Jacob to a game because it's something he's wanted to do. So, I now ask if anyone, after getting their season tickets next year plan on skipping a preseason game, please let me know.
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Still throwing this out there.
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