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Vulture smashes through Stehen A. Smith's window.
How appropriate! Hilarious

Quote:A turkey vulture, apparently tired of the takes, smashed through Stephen A. Smith's office window at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut on Tuesday morning, according to a tweet from Adam Schefter.
The turkey vulture could not be reached for comment, so it is merely speculation that it was the incendiary nature of Smith's fiery hot takes caused the bird to send itself flying through the window.
It's also entirely possible that, after another winter in Central Connecticut, the bird thought that a flight into Smith's office was preferable than another day in the cold.
We hope the bird is OK. That window certainly is not.
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(03-26-2019, 02:45 PM)SunsetBengal Wrote: How appropriate!   Hilarious

Well, they go after dead things, so it was probably after SAS's schtick.
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(03-26-2019, 03:10 PM)McC Wrote: Well, they go after dead things, so it was probably after SAS's schtick.

He should have been a bigger supporter of McCarrion.. which strangely enough is on the McDonald's new menu.. The McCarrion burger..
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I know the tone of that article is humourous and (I truly don't care) all, but there's a VERY high chance that the bird is dead.
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